Managing Risks

DCC Risk Management offers a centralized and innovative approach to risk management. Comprised of staff in environmental health and safety, insurance, claims. legal, ļ¬nance and information technology, this group drives risk management strategies for the company.

In addition. the department acts as a resource. partner and advisor to all the business units while ensuring the development of successful and innovative programs. such program provide the controls to mitigate losses while also fully integrating risk management into the daily operations of DCC. The Company continually strives to improve communication and cultivate collaboration between risk management disciplines and the business units with the expectation of improving our ability to more successfully manage our risks.

To effectively manage risk, it helps to develop a systematic approach. There are a number of ways to do this, but all approaches basically involve the following steps:

  • Risk analysis
  • Risk control
  • Risk transfer
  • Risk review
  • Risk refinement